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Our KYC6 Services

KYC6 Search

KYC6 Search, a powerful and highly intuitive web-based solution. Users search for individuals, organisations and shipping vessels, then analyse and deep-dive on results and print, export or pdf results for a complete compliance audit trail. All search parameters, Acuris Risk Intelligence data sets and user comments are included in the results report.


KYC6 Search benefits:

  • Individual user access, secure and auditable
  • No IT integration required
  • User interface in 8 different languages
  • Many profiles include a photograph
  • Intuitive functionality, minimal training required
  • Fuzzy’ logic algorithm minimises missing ‘false negatives’
  • Enables accurate and detailed PEP, sanctions and adverse media intelligence.

KYC6 Monitor

KYC6 Monitor is a powerful and highly intuitive web-based solution for monitoring your customer or prospect records. Monitor enables you to upload, delete and maintain your customer records without IT involvement, whilst processing alerts through an engaging user interface and robust work flow


KYC6 Monitor benefits:

  • Bulk screening available with near-immediate processing and results
  • Quick and easy process which requires little training
  • Utilises KYC6’s powerful monitoring alert functionality and workflow
  • Reduces further work when adding worked results to the monitor
  • No IT integration required
  • User interface available in 8 different languages

KYC6 API Search or Monitor

The power KYC6 ‘Search’ and ‘Monitor’ functionality is available through two separate APIs. This provides flexibility to customers wishing to build this capability into their existing IT estate without needing to introduce another separate user interface or application. Both APIs are highly secure and scalable with communication provided as an HTTP Rest Web-Service, in JSON format.


KYC6 APIs benefits:

  • Full KYC6 Search & Monitor functionality
  • Highly Scalable and Secure REST Web-Service
  • Full access to all Acuris Risk Intelligence Data sources: PEPs, Sanctions, Law Enforcement, Financial Regulator, Insolvency, Disqualified Directors & Adverse Media
  • Low implementation overhead